Why do I need to choose a licensed roofing contractor?

The Denver-area roofing industry is constantly changing, making it essential to hire the right contractor for the job. As a licensed general contractor and more specifically, roofing contractor, EcoShield Exteriors must continue to stay up to date with new laws, building codes, products, and manufacturer recommendations. If you hire a non-licensed roofing contractor, you have no assurance that they have kept up on those vital changes and requirements. Hiring a licensed professional ensures that the roofing contractors are legitimate companies with the necessary insurance and have the knowledge needed to perform the work. For a free exterior inspection report, call 833-446-7295.

As a locally certified roofing contractor, we understand what local jurisdictions require based on Colorado Inclement Weather requirements. We are also nationally certified roofers and are experts at proper material selection and accurate installation. Locally-owned in Littleton, we are proud to offer excellent customer service and draw on our vast knowledge of the local area to provide quality roofing. We implement high-quality installation methods while using the latest technologies. You can hire roofers from all over the state and country, especially when there is a weather event or local disasters. That means that if you need them to return in the future, it is harder for them to come back. This is important when you have any warranty work. You want a local company that can be there for you when you call for service.

For product warranty coverage, manufacturers require that only certified roofers install the product. That means that only certified contractors can offer warranty packages as opposed to those that are not certified. This is important to ensure that your investment is guaranteed and that the manufacturing company stands behind its products.

As part of the requirement of being licensed within all the local cities and counties, roofing contractors must have current general liability and worker’s compensation insurance and we hold the insurance that is required. For a free exterior inspection report, call 833-446-7295.