What to do when a storm damages my roof

pieces of hail accumulating on the top of a roof

Colorado hail season is among us, and we know it can be stressful to be in the path of a storm, but EcoShield Exteriors is always here to help with any storm damage.

Follow these steps any time you are in the path of a storm: 

If your property is hit by hail any larger than pea size, please call us right away at 720-574-2081 to meet your insurance carrier’s time constraints regarding filing a claim. 

  • We will then schedule a convenient time with you to have one of our highly skilled and trained property inspectors to do a full exterior inspection of your property. 
  • During our appointment, our property inspector will review the full exterior of your home including roof, gutters, siding, windows, fences and all outside personal property. 
  • This is the exact reason why you have homeowner’s insurance and EcoShield can handle it from claim to completion. 
  • A claim of this nature is listed as a ‘No Fault’ claim, because obviously you don’t have the ability to move your home when a storm comes in.  That being said, your premiums do not increase due to your individual claim being filed. 
  • We will then assist you with making a call to your insurance carrier’s claim line to have an adjuster scheduled to come out to your property. 
  • EcoShield will be present to walk with the insurance adjuster to discuss the damage and what we’ll need to do in ordinance with quality installation standards and code requirements in order to get all the damage resolved for you.  
  • At that point, we will get you onboarded with a dedicated project manager who will get the damage repaired and handle your claim until completion. 

If you’ve been in the path of a storm in the past 12 months and would like a free exterior inspection of your property, please call our office at 720-574-2081.