How long should a residential roof last?

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Generally, your roof CAN last up to 30 years, but the lifespan depends on a variety of things including the materials used, inclement weather and climate. 

Lower quality materials won’t cost as much upfront but will have to be replaced more often than more expensive roofing materials due to their durability. 

Exposure to extreme temperatures, high winds, falling debris and hail can decrease how long your roof lasts. 

3-tab shingles are the least expensive asphalt shingle option, and they typically last 15 to 20 years. 

Architectural shingles (or dimensional shingles) although more expensive, typically last 20 to 30 years. 

Premium shingles have the highest price tag, but last between 25 to 40 years. 

You might need a new asphalt roof if you notice cracked shingles, curling and/or shingle granules in your gutters. 

Tile roofs are very appealing, retain structural integrity, but are also on the higher end as far as price goes. 

If your roof tiles are cracked, chipped, leaking or you see tile pieces in your gutters, it’s probably time for a tile roof replacement. 

Metal roofs are amongst the most durable and can last up to 70 years but come with a higher price tag. 

Rust, discoloration, roof leaks, mold or water stains in the attic are all signs that you most likely need your metal roof replaced. 

Increase your roof lifespan with regular roof maintenance. Frequent roof inspections by licensed roof contractors can help identify issues early on so repairs can be performed before serious damage is caused to the exterior and interior. 

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