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Residential Roofing

As homeowners ourselves, we know our customers need a roofing company they can trust. A great roof is created with excellent materials and high-quality workmanship.

Commercial Roofing

With Commercial Roofs you can rest easy knowing you’ve received a product that delivers durability, safety, affordability and value.

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Roof Repair

Every roof repair is different, so if you’re noticing a leaking roof, you might not necessarily need a complete roof replacement, but a smaller roof repair. 

About us

Local Roofers You Can Trust

When dealing with a structure as important as your roof, you need professionals you can trust. At EcoShield Exteriors, we focus on delivering high-quality roofing and outstanding customer service. We are a certified project management business (PMP) and insurance claim management experts.

Why Your Choice of Roofing Company is so Important

A roof protects the home or building from all that Colorado’s weather throws at it. Wind, snow, ice, rain and intense ultraviolet light are part and parcel of living in the Front Range. From our years of experience, and as homeowners ourselves, we know our customers need a roofing company they can trust to deliver outstanding performance and maximum curb appeal.

A great roof is created with excellent materials and high-quality workmanship. You can buy the best roofing material around, but it might not amount to much if placed by unqualified roofing professionals.

EcoShield Exteriors uses roofing materials our customers love. We trust these materials to deliver durability, protection and optimal aesthetics. Our experienced team has been in the business for nearly three decades, so we have the skills that define quality workmanship.

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How Much Does it Cost to Put on a New Roof?

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Our experienced team puts together a cost estimate for you after meeting with you to discuss the project. We will come to your home or business to make an assessment.

The roof of your house or business is one of the most critical aspects of the building. An old, worn out and damaged roof will start causing problems, even if you don’t see the signs of those problems right away. But as water gets into the insulation, ceiling, drywall and elsewhere, damage to the home begins to snowball. The roof is the protective barrier for the building, so ensuring its durability and return on investment is essential.

Why Choose EcoShield?

Gain piece of mind that all our employees and subcontractors are licensed in their respective trade and carry decades of experience in craftsman quality installations. We carry both general liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance for the protection of our homeowners.

We understand that adhering to proper installation in accordance with local jurisdiction requirements is crucial in protecting homeowners from subpar and improper construction, particularly in Colorado's extreme weather conditions. Failure to meet these requirements can potentially result in extensive damage, which could cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.

Our process and procedures have streamlined our installation methods to provide the least amount of disruption to homeowners without sacrificing quality. Over 95% of EcoShield's residential roofs are replaced in one day.

Our name is all we have. If we committed to something, anything then it will be done. Construction is a messy, dirty industry and no company is perfect however we are perfect when it comes to resolution of any situation that is in our care, custody or control.

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Our Littleton roofing and exteriors company serves all of South Denver, including Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Littleton, Parker and all of the surrounding areas. We offer a completely free inspection. To learn more, please call EcoShield Exteriors at 720-574-2081.