Can I claim roof damage on insurance?

In short, it depends.

A roof repair is covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies if the roof leaks are due to a sudden, unexpected event, like storm damage or a falling tree. 

Your roof claim will likely be denied for roof leaks that are due to wear and tear. Or leaks that result from a lack of maintenance – it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the roof in a good state of repair. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Replacement? 

Since a roof is one of the most important parts of your home and is directly exposed to the elements, the forces of nature can do a lot of damage throughout the different seasons. From ice, snow and strong winds in the winter to hail in the summer, the roof can take a beating all year long. 

Your home insurance policy is designed to help cover the cost of the repairs, partial or complete replacement of your roof — if it’s damaged by a covered event.

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