Types of Windows

Decision Time!

Choosing which type of windows you want in your home is an exciting process. Most homeowners really enjoy picking out styles because they can be highly personalized and contribute to the overall curb appeal. The window type also influences the amount of natural light in your home and the ventilation of a particular room. To discuss window types with our experienced team in Littleton, please contact EcoShield Exteriors today.

Single Hung and Double Hung

Single and double hung windows are very common. These are the windows that slide up and down to open and close. A single hung window is pulled up from the bottom, then pulled down to close it. A double hung can be opened from the bottom, but the top portion can also be pulled down to open it, offering double ventilation.


Slider windows slide open from the left and or/right. Some sliders open only from one side, while other designs allow you to slide the window open from either side. This is a common choice for homes.


Casement windows open out with the use of a crank. They look appealing and provide optimal ventilation. Because of the crank function to open them, they can be opened from hard-to-reach areas, like behind your kitchen sink.


Awning windows are both charming and highly practical. The top portion of the window is hinged, so it opens outward at an angle. They are often opened via a crank, which makes opening them a cinch and yet allows the open portion to be up high near the ceiling. This means you can ventilate the upper portions of a room. The awning window can also be left open in the rain because the water flows right off, away from the interior of the home.


Bay windows are one of the most stylish windows you can choose. These beautiful wide windows bow outward, creating a curve. Sometimes a bench or seating area can be placed on the inside, in the space created by the curvature. Bay windows are often used to make an entrance look grand and to open up the floor space of the room.


Picture windows do not open or close, which means they are highly energy efficient: They don’t let heat escape easily during the winter, nor A/C in the summer. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so they can be highly customized to the aesthetic of the room. They are best for spaces where using the window for air isn’t a priority.

Discuss Window Types with our Experienced Team

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