How Do I Find A Leak On My Roof?

Locate a Roof Leak Before It Causes More Damage

Even the smallest roof leak can cause damage to your home. If the leak goes unfixed for too long it can lead to mold growth, which is potentially dangerous to your health. Locating the source of your roof leak and getting it fixed as soon as possible should be your top priority. 

Follow these four steps to find your leak fast and get it repaired quickly. 

Step 1

Look for the First Signs of a Roof Leak 

The first signs of a roof leak are usually seeing or hearing dripping water. However, there are other signs, these include: 

  • Musty odors 
  • Water stains on your ceiling 
  • Spots on your exterior walls 
  • Bulging patches on your interior walls 
  • Missing or warped roof shingles 

Any of these things may point to a potential leak somewhere on your roof. Unfortunately, the first place you notice the leak, might not actually tell you where the leak is. A little more investigation is needed. 

Step 2

Check Your Attic 

Grab a flashlight and climb up into your attic. You should be looking for water stains, mold or black marks along the rafters and roof sheathing. 

How to Find a Roof Leak With No Attic 

If you live in a townhome or other dwelling without an attic, check your roof first for signs of damage.  

Step 3

Make Rain 

If you can’t find your roof leak with a quick inspection, then it’s time to create rain. Have someone stay inside the house near the spot where you first noticed the leak. Then, go up on your roof with a garden hose and soak your roof one section at a time. Have your helper shout once they see a drip. 

Move slowly from one section to the other, spending several minutes in each area. This will help narrow down the source of your roof leak. If you see a drip, but can’t find the exact spot where it’s coming from, start tearing up shingles in the suspected area. You’ll quickly find evidence in the form of water stains, or even rotting wood. 

Step 4

Contact EcoShield Exteriors for More Complex Leaks 

If the problem is beyond a simple DIY fix or involves extensive structural damage to your roof, call a professional as soon as possible. We will be able to identify the extent of your roof leak and provide solutions. Solutions to more complex problems may include: 

Many times, a roof leak has been caused by storm damage which is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. We have a dedicated team of insurance claims specialists who  work directly with your insurance company to get your home repaired. 

Call EcoShield Exteriors today at 720-574-2081 for a complimentary, no-obligation damage assessment. While we are there, we can do a full exterior inspection. 

How do I find a leak on my roof?

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