What to do if You Have Roof Damage

If you have roof damage, you can take a few critical steps to ensure it gets repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 


1) Document Everything 

As you walk around your property, take photos and jot down any damage you notice. Then, when you file your claim, speak with insurance, and hire a contractor to repair the damage, these will come in handy. The roofing company will do a thorough inspection, but you can ensure you have correct before and after photos to get everything fixed. 

2) Schedule an Inspection 

Next, you’ll want to get a professional inspection of the damage to assess the situation and get an estimate of what you can expect for repairs. This is also when you can have any severe damage tarped by the pros to prevent further damage from rain or wind before being repaired. 

3) File an Insurance Claim 

You will want to get the ball rolling on your homeowner’s insurance claim. If you work with EcoShield Exteriors, we can help answer any questions and guide you through the insurance claims process. 

4) Repair or Replace  

After the insurance company has reviewed the damage to the exterior of the home, they will determine if the home needs a roof repair or full roof replacement. Once the insurance adjuster has shared their scope of work with us, EcoShield Exteriors can get to work on the repair or replacement documents.  

The Best Thing to Do When You Spot Roof Damage 

Overall, roof damage is not something you want to ignore. And much of it can be spotted without even stepping foot on your roof. Keep a diligent eye on your roof and ceilings to catch any damage before it becomes a problem. 

Often, roof damage has been caused by a recent storm which is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. We have a dedicated team of insurance claims specialists who  work directly with your insurance company to get your home repaired. 

When you spot roof damage, call a professional right away. Our team at EcoShield Exteriors is here to help repair and replace your roof as soon as possible. We use some of the highest quality shingles on the market, so not only will you get a brand-new roof, but you will get one that will last for decades to come. Contact us today for your FREE, no-obligation damage assessment! 

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